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Cuf, our innovative app, is leading the way in Facebook API technology. Our team of cross-platform marketing experts understands the needs of customers and has created professional solutions to help you maximize your income through targeted customer engagement. Designed with efficiency in mind, Cuf's technology solutions offer a suite of tools to help you optimize your work processes by up to 60%. With Cuf, you can trust that you're getting the best in professional solutions to take your business to the next level.

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Why should advertisers use our solutions?

  1. Save time

    With just one click or performing all operations at the same time, it is an advantage to help advertisers save time

  2. Optimize resources

    Does not require too many resources to operate, with CUF businesses will optimize a lot of costs to monitor advertising effectiveness.

  3. High level of security

    Committed to not buying, selling, exchanging or using for commercial purposes with any user data.

  4. Free to try

    All CUF products support a partially free experience.

  5. Always up to date

    The technical team always monitors and updates in a timely manner to ensure the best experience for product users

  6. Support & Advice

    Always ready and enthusiastic are the top priority criteria of the customer care team.

Our Services

Ads Check Pro


Are you tired of constantly switching between advertising accounts to view their indicators? this feature has got you covered. With just one click, you can quickly view all your advertising account's information, including balance, threshold, hidden limit, and ID.

Extended Payment


Displays all advertising account information right on the settings page, and provides a convenient information bubble feature on the Ads Manager page for users to track account information.

Delete hidden admin


Worried about hidden Admins lurking in your ad assets? this feature allows you to easily check and remove any hidden Admins located in your ad assets.

Share Pixel


Need to share your BM's pixel with other accounts? this feature lets you do just that, even if the account doesn't own that BM. You can even share pixels for multiple accounts at the same time.

Super Share Ads


Allows you to share the right to manage them with many different permission options. You can even rename accounts after sharing for easy management.

Super Target


You can add more choices than the 25 interests that Ads Manager suggests by using Facebook's target library.

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